Indrani Sooriyaarachchi (mother)

She was born in 1963 in Meegoda, Sri Lanka into a family of six. During her early childhood, Sri Lanka was experiencing unprecedented inflation and political unrest. As a result, she had to leave the family at the age of six and was boarded in seven different places to get an Ordinary Level education. While she was attending high school, she had to work constantly and was hungry most of the time.

Though she didn’t get the education she wanted, she used that as an opportunity to make sure all her children would get an education and thrive without having to depend on anyone. Today she is seeing and enjoying their success through their children.

H L Ananda (father)

He was born in 1957 in Habarakada, Sri Lanka. He was the eldest son, and with that came a lot of responsibility. At age 15, he had to take over his family shop, which used to sell only a handful of items. Without buying from village vendors, he directly sourced the supplies from the capital city of Sri Lanka to improve the margins and to expand the shop’s selection. With the profits, he bought a used Benz lorry and started a delivery business. Since then he has been involved in many ventures and has experienced both successes and failures.

He believes it was his lack of education that caused his failures. Therefore, just like his wife, he has made it his goal to educate his children.


University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Diploma in Writership and Mass Communication, 2007

National Institute of Plantation Management
Diploma in Plantation Extension Management, 2014

University of Colombo
Diploma in Small Business Management, 2015